1:1 Yoga Guidance & Mentorship

“The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are. The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance, and live the way the Creator made you—utterly blissful and infinitely responsible.”


Are you ready to grow your practice, teaching skills, or yogic knowledge but don’t know where to begin?

Have you ever been excited to do your first yoga class ever, only to arrive with the intimidation of seeing 35 students in class, and end up stuck in the back corner wondering if you are doing the postures correctly (or safely)?

Or maybe you’ve been practicing for a decade and find that your practice has plateaued, and can’t quite find the “right” teacher who speaks your language or credible resources to advance your practice?

Alternately, you may have just completed your teaching certification but have discovered your teacher training barely scratched the surface of the vast wisdom of yoga. You may feel there’s a gap between what you learned vs. what you can offer, and are unsure where to start in terms of teaching or how to approach the business side of yoga in the modern world.

I know the importance of having a trusted teacher and safe space to explore the practice in its concrete and cosmic forms, as it was the nurturing relationships my teachers provided that gave me the confidence to seek out my truth and share it with others. My intention is to pass on the wisdom and love I received from my teachers by offering private sessions and mentorship to my students. This is an opportunity to go deeper into the Self, whether you are just beginning your journey or have been a student of yoga for years (or lifetimes ;).


My Experience

I’ve been fortunate enough to study with many world-renowned teachers, especially drawing a big influence from my studies in New York City at Katonah Yoga, Kula Yoga Project, and Pure Yoga and in San Diego, California from Anna Spalding’s Anusara-inspired teachings and Maria Anderson, who has drawn influence from Dana Baptiste. In Australia, Channa Dassanayaka, who fuses his movement meditations with visionary Buddhist teachings, has had the greatest effect on my spiritual growth.

I have been honored to teach yoga internationally for the past 8 years, including at some of New York City’s top studios, where my experience has included training and developing teachers, managing studios, starting a studio from scratch, and being a business advisor. My experience has ranged in all types of environments including: studios; corporate offices and corporate-sponsored events; music and arts festivals; wellness events; entirely self-produced workshops; collaborations with other teachers and musicians; trauma-informed outpatient clinics; therapeutic settings.

My classes are a concoction of everything I have studied and been inspired by. Most of my students notice my teachings are always taking on new incarnations as I continue to evolve as a student and human being. It’s my belief there are one thousand paths to enlightenment; this belief has offered my teachings a more open-minded, relevant space to come from. Therefore, it is most accurate to describe my style as non-denominational and creative with a strong attention to alignment and detail. I combine the “other” limbs of yoga (beyond asana) to inspire balance and integration of all the elements of our Being.


What you’ll receive in our sessions

We will have a initial call to determine what your goals are in your practice and come up with a suitable plan that will challenge, inspire, or give you much needed rest (depending on what you need). The following elements describe a range of what is possible when we create a plan and start working together:

  • Hands-on adjustments and consistent feedback that will reshape your physical practice and increase your body awareness

  • Safe alignment cues and variations for your body to make the practice accessible (especially if you have injuries or conditions where modifications are necessary)

  • Learn how to deepen your practice through variations for restoration or advancement in asana, pranayama, and meditation

  • Experience the psycho-somatic benefits of calming down your nervous system and re-patterning your mind-body connection on a DNA-level

  • Have confidence to build a home practice

  • Gain a practical understanding of yoga that you can apply through life’s ups and downs

  • Feel transformation in your physical, emotional, and astral bodies

  • Have a safe space to explore and deepen your practice while trusting a high standard of integrity to the traditional yogic teachings is maintained at all times

  • We will practice an integrated approach using pranayama, asana through Hatha-inspired yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, mantra, and philosophy



Occasionally, I have students who want to go deeper. My offering of mentorship is for students or newly trained teachers who have a willingness to explore and are committed to meeting regularly. As a mentee, you can expect to advance in all aspects of the practice, become more confident in your teaching, and use the skills you learn to develop personally and professionally.

In addition to some of the points I’ve listed above, we will delve deeper into the aspects of leadership and how to live your yoga inside and outside of the classroom. I will share my knowledge and lived experience of best business practices, provide guidance on how to maintain your authenticity, integrity, and ethics in a saturated yoga market, and offer a deeper study of yogic philosophy and energetic practices. For new teachers, there is the added bonus to have lots of feedback on your teaching, and an opportunity to truly discover what your authentic teaching style is.

I honor the energy and time is takes to commit to going deeper, and ask that you are able to commit to meeting once a week if you are considering mentorship as meeting regularly is imperative to build trust and safety. Prior to mentorship, it is important to establish if we are good fit as there are limited spaces; this is to insure I can devote my full attention and care to each individual.

Distance mentorship is also available if we cannot physically meet.

Please contact me directly with any questions or inquiries, and to schedule a time to talk. I am very curious to hear your intention and what you are creating within your yoga path :)