Corporate Yoga & Meditation in the Workplace

Your people are your company's greatest asset.

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Corporate Experience

You and your people deserve peace. You deserve to work in a stress-free environment. You deserve balance - where you don’t live to work but work to live. I use my 15 years of experience as a mind-body expert in the health and wellness industry to help you and your company achieve this.

I honor that you are a unique individual and organization, and aim to listen to what it is you really need. Thus, all group classes and individual consultations are specifically tailored to your company’s schedule, budget, and desired outcomes. What is consistent in all of my offerings is the space I provide for your employees to expand, refresh, and align themselves for a positive work experience.

Some of my previous clients include Spotify, Vogue, Sid Lee, A Women’s Thing Magazine, FloodSlicer, The Fader, Well+Good, Purina, lululemon athletica, RMIT University, Robert Half, and National Australia Bank.



  • Results in a decline in stress-related sick occurrences and a reduction in your company’s annual health insurance premiums (statistically proven)

  • Proactively prevents injuries and conditions such as neck and back pain or strain, high blood pressure, insomnia, or those which result from overuse or repetition in the workplace

  • Fosters a sense of team-building, trust, communication, and higher awareness among team members

  • Eases stress and anxiety in the workplace by increasing energy and creativity

  • Yoga rejuvenates and motivates employees, which increases productivity and camaraderie in the long-term



My main corporate offering is providing weekly classes that are aimed to reduce stress in the workplace. Classes can be done as a single class or a series. Types of classes can range from the following: yoga, guided meditation, breathwork, Pilates, or functional alignment and movement. Classes are suitable for all levels and bodies, and range from 45 minutes to one hour before/after work or at lunch depending on your needs.

Additionally, I offer longer specialized workshops that can be done as a one-off workshop or series. Previous workshops include: Meditation Basics; Beginners’ Yoga; Yoga for Stress & Anxiety; Goal Setting; How to Achieve Work-Life Balance. I am also open (and always excited!) to receive workshop topic suggestions.

A third offering is my consultation service to your company, either in the form of a wellness day, retreat, or other special event you have planned. This can range from 15-minute consultations with each employee conducting a “Work-Life Balance Check” and suggested tips, to coming as a guest speaker for an agreed upon period of time where we plan and execute a full wellness experience, to being a Wellness Best Practices Consultant to your company’s management and HR office.

All offerings and pricing are based on your needs and number of participants. Please make an inquiry so I can provide you with an accurate quote based on your company’s requirements.