“Rei” : Universal Life
“Ki”: Energy


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, in which the Reiki practitioner uses touch to realign the energy of the person receiving Reiki (hands are placed slightly above or on the body).  While I use Reiki as a basis for my sessions, the way in which I work is strongly intuitive and will sometimes draw upon other healing methods to facilitate the shift of the person I am working with. Thus, no two sessions are exactly alike and are completely based on the individual and their receptivity. All sessions are done with the client lying down on a massage table (fully clothed).

The results can be profound and lasting, and I have experienced this myself. I hold formal qualifications to provide Reiki, in addition to having 10 years’ experience providing Reiki energetic alignments to individuals and groups.

To learn more about the history and effects of Reiki, feel free to read further on the International Association of Reiki Professionals page.


In general, Reiki can help to:

  • Relieve stress, tension & pain

  • Heal trauma

  • Increase vitality & energy, and give you access to enjoy greater well-being

  • Remove blocks to healing & growth

  • Shift limiting beliefs and habits

  • Work with addiction, substance abuse, and disordered eating

  • Access altered states (substance-free)

  • Navigate spiritual emergence & emergency

  • Prepare for pregnancy, birth & parenting

  • Achieve whole body, mind, and spirit integration



I offer one-on-one sessions that are 1 to 1.5 hours long, either as single sessions or part of a series. All sessions are at The Botanical Store in Northcote or Yoga Space Fitzroy in Fitzroy. Occasionally, it is possible to arrange for me to come to your residence or a space of your choice if you are located in the Melbourne area. Remote healings are also available.

Please contact me directly for questions, pricing and package options, and to see if we are good fit to work together.