Hello, I’m Dina.


Four years ago (by chance), I became an expat after relocating from New York City and landed in Melbourne, Australia where I have continued to devote my time to serving others through the facilitation of yoga, energetic practices, and transformational coaching sessions.

I like to approach life with a "don't know" mind and am passionate about raising the consciousness of the planet. I truly believe we have the capacity to choose who we are at any given moment and can start a new hobby, job, or career anytime we choose.  Hence, I've dabbled in quite a few different studies, techniques, and modalities.  For me, the link that connects them all is my fascination with the human experience, the space we occupy, and transformation.  I strive to infuse equal parts structure and creativity into everything I do and always have the intention of providing a safe, loving, and inquisitive space for my students, clients, and collaborators to expand their awareness with integrity.

People often ask me where I'm from.  The truth is, home is wherever I am.  I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and immigrated to the United States with my family to seek refuge from the ongoing civil unrest in the former Soviet Union.  At three years old, I discovered my love for movement.  The result of this discovery was the ferocious pursuit of all things artistic, spatial, and kinesthetic. I began choreographing at eleven years old, teaching at fourteen, and have been performing, teaching, and creating ever since. 

At my core, I love a good journey into the unknown; so, it’s not surprising that to this day, there is nothing that moves me like dancing and using my voice. When I'm not teaching or holding space for others, I spend my time practicing yoga, writing, meditating, going on adventures, or connecting to nature. I believe one must first be a good student in order to be a teacher; thus, I have practiced intensively in everything I offer, in addition to having attended a number of trainings and have received formal qualifications in various types of movement, energetic modalities, communication and leadership studies throughout the world.

If what I offer or anything you see on this site resonates with your spirit, please reach out. I love meeting new friends and fellow travelers ♡


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